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Five Trends Driving a Surge in Demand for Digital Marketing Skill

In recent times, marketing is very different from what it used to be. Not so long ago, it was alot harder to target good leads, send out large-scale campaigns, and keep customers engaged. 

Today’s marketing leaders use all the tools available to power the marketing approach, from SEO to creating a solid online brand, generating the right content, and creating a marketing mix. However, it also helps you achieve the goals by knowing which marketing tools and tactics are most effective. 

Here are five trends that will shape digital marketing techniques and the demand for digital marketing skills.  

1. Social Media – too much of a good thing?

It’s no secret that social media channels have a strong allure. Social media usage rose by 21% in the last 12 months to reach 2.8 billion users globally. Nevertheless, new social strategies suggest that more is not always better. Getting your message across in social media effectively requires honed voice, tone, and notices. Rather than counting tweets, it’s essential to track the impact on the brand’s public perception. Using data science for social media intelligence helps you observe trends in sentiment, target key influencers, and create the most effective yet efficient campaigns. The importance of content is also emphasized on social media. 

2. Branding is a differentiator

Building a brand takes focused effort, especially in the digital age. It will help you win deals and gain market visibility. Being a thought leader is essential. As per Hubspot, companies that publish at least 16 blog posts per month receive almost three times the traffic of those that publish fewer than four posts per month. Establishing credibility with customers and prospects can be accomplished through blogs and company-authored articles. Digital ads have now surpassed TV ads in spending and give your products and services life, and social channels allow you to feature happy customers to boost your brand image. 

3. SEO is still on a tear

To grow your business, you need to improve your ranking on search engine results. A marketing strategy cannot be complete without SEO. The SEO and SEM industry are rapidly advancing with the emergence of hyper-sophisticated algorithms and tools. It helps you score better results based on targeted content, keyword distribution, and geographic targeting. It has become increasingly important for digital marketing organizations to have SEO experts, leading many professionals to opt for SEO training and certification courses to enhance their skillsets and land lucrative jobs.

4. Use content marketing as a secret weapon

Adding keywords to your content will certainly help your SEO, but the content will also indicate that you have substance and not just flash. A good content marketing strategy assists you in crafting more powerful and differentiated messages that resonate with audiences, which is also a valuable skill and part of digital marketing training. Your marketing team can showcase its creative flair by delivering more impactful thought leadership deliverables that can speed up the sales cycle. Social media users share visual content 40 times more frequently than others, so deliverables like infographics, image-rich whitepapers, and landing pages satisfy a crucial need.

5. Targeted marketing increases ROI

Trying to throw campaigns at the wall and see what sticks is no longer a viable marketing strategy. Big data and marketing automation systems enable targeted marketing campaigns to match themes and content with audiences and provide you with data to analyze and improve results. Social media, direct mail, and paid search have lower ROIs than email, with a median ROI of 122 percent. Improved targeting started from A/B testing of messages to audience segmentation and tailored content will lead to higher conversions and more robust financial results.  

Final thoughts

To get the best results as a digital marketer, you must thoroughly understand your audience. We at RIDM offer three fully-loaded digital marketing courses to assist you in overcoming this challenge. Experts at our training center have created these courses keeping the current trends in Digital Marketing in mind. We design our courses so that they meet the needs of everyone. 

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– By Sreeja Mohan & Marbin Shamini, RIDM Content Team.

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