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5 Reasons You Should Learn Data Analytics

Forbes states, “2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day, and only 0.5% of that data is analyzed.”. Wow, that is one remarkable statistic”.

Data offers unprecedented insight into the world around us. Every day, humans create a lot of data – from heart rate to favorite songs, fitness goals, to movie preferences. As a result, you can find data in every drawer of a business. Today, companies like life insurance agencies, hotels, and product management firms use data to improve marketing strategies, improve customer service, understand business trends, or even collect user insights.

As the world continues to expand rapidly, it is vital to analyze the data generated and provide insights to assist in making better business decisions. Therefore, now is the perfect time to embark on a journey into the world of big data analytics.

Let’s talk about data now!

So, what exactly is Data Analytics?

The goal of Data Analysis is to draw insightful conclusions from raw data. Data analytics techniques have been automated into mechanical algorithms and processes that work over raw data for human consumption.

A New Frontier Awaits Us With Data Analytics

The most possible way to succeed in this world is to stay on top of trends. If you analyze the information available for your niche, you can determine how you can make good strides towards achieving positive results. The success of both big and small businesses depends on data. The best minds use this data to formulate better strategies for their companies in the future. 

5 Reasons, You Should Learn Data Analytics

Data Analytics Is Now A Priority For Top Organizations

As market competition stiffens, top organizations are turning to data analytics to identify new market opportunities. Currently, 77% of leading organizations consider data analytics a critical component of their performance. Consequently, prominent data professionals have a significant influence on company policies and marketing strategies.

Creating More Job Opportunities And Raising Wages

Data is the real king of generosity. Using data and analyzing it opens up an enormous amount of opportunities. Companies are now incorporating data analysis into all aspects of their business cycle. Similarly, business performance evaluation cannot be complete without data analysis, just as a great brand experience cannot be created without social media.

Data Skills Will Lead To Job Security

According to a recent Forbes article, “Data skills are valuable across all industries and job functions since decision making is increasingly data-driven, and gaining these skills is not as challenging as originally thought.”.

There is a high demand for data skills and not enough people to fill them as data multiplies. So in addition to the increase in demand for data scientists, there is now an advantage to those with data skills across all industries and occupations.

Excellent Opportunity For Freelancing & Developing New Revenue Streams

Increasingly, people are seeking ways to diversify their sources of income and methods to find work-life balance. In addition to numbers, trends, and data, data analytics can be a lucrative career choice for freelancers and consultants. These kinds of jobs are mainly IT-related and are available anywhere in the world at any time. Therefore, no desk job is required.

Data Analytics teaches sound Logic And Decision-Making.

As a data analytics professional, you are a fundamental part of your company’s decision-making process. By studying trends, you can provide meaningful insights into the future scope of improvements. As a result, you will be an essential component of business decisions and future strategies. Therefore you will have a vital role and purpose within the organization.


It is said that numbers don’t lie. However, it is clear that the demand for data analytics will continue to grow and that soon, it will be integral to every organization. The reasons listed above should give you an idea of how important this field will become in the future.

As a result of learning analytics, you have a pathway to success and transferable skills that can help in every aspect of your life.

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– By Sreeja Mohan & Marbin Shamini, RIDM Content Team.

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