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Pros And Cons Of Power Bi – The Comprehensive Guide For The Begin

Have you been wondering whether Microsoft Power BI is the right self-service analytics solution for your needs? According to Research and Markets, the Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Software Market will grow at a CAGR of 7.1% up to $32.4 billion by 2025.

There are several BI tools available on the market. Still, Microsoft Power BI is one of the leading solutions in delivering insights to enable fast and well-informed decisions. In addition, Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a leader in analytics and business intelligence for 12 consecutive years, a testament to its reputation as a front runner in BI technology.

This blog discusses the pros and cons of the software, which can influence your decision. 

What is Power Bi?

The Power BI tool is a business analytics tool that enables businesses to visualize and analyze data in an easy-to-use manner. Using Power BI, you can connect to various data sources and create customized dashboards and detailed reports based on the data. Power BI can be used to create visualizations and reports that can be shared throughout the organization. Output data can be consumed on both the web and mobile apps. With Power BI, you’ll find that it’s the most economical Business Intelligence tool you can find. 

Pros Of Power Bi


With Power BI, you can create a dashboard that displays the critical business data in a single view. The paid version starts at $9.99 per month. At this price, you won’t find a better BI tool.

Customizable Visualizations

Power BI provides a wide range of custom visualizations, which developers make for specific purposes. These can be found on the Microsoft marketplace.

Integrating Excel

Power BI uses the same interface as Excel power, so it will be easy to learn and use if you are already familiar with Excel power.

Embedded Power BI

Developers can embed or include Power BI reports and features in web-based applications. By doing so, you can embed Power BI visuals and words into emails and websites to increase its reach.

The personal gateway

Power BI can authenticate data sources that are on-premise and outside the firewall using Personal Gateway. For example, a cloud-hosted Power BI instance can use data from an on-premises data source once this tool authenticates it.

Cons Of Power Bi

Relations among tables

Power BI is capable of handling superficial relationships between tables in a data model. However, if there are complex relationships between tables and multiple links between tables, Power BI might not control them. 

Visual configuration

In most cases, you won’t find it necessary to customize and optimize your visualizations in Power BI. But even if you do, Power BI doesn’t offer many options to customize your visualizations.

CUI (Crowded User Interface)

Many users find Power BI’s user interface crowded and bulky. So it is in the sense that there are many icons of options that, for example, up block the view of dashboards or reports. 

The rigid formula

Power BI formulas don’t always work, but sometimes they do. For example, two elements can be concatenated, but more than two elements require nesting statements.

Data volumes of a large size

Approximately 2 GBs of data can be ingested at a time by Power BI. You must upgrade to a Power BI paid version if you want to import and use data in even greater volumes.

Skills required being a Power BI developer

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems is required. Additionally, one should have significant work experience in a related field.
  • Hands-on experience with data preparation, data gateways, and data warehousing projects.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack, including Power BI, SSAS, SSRS, and SSIS.
  • An understanding of self-service tools, such as Power BI or Tableau, with at least three years of experience.
  • CSS, JavaScript, and other JavaScript libraries.
  • The Structured Query Language (SQL)


You can still succeed in Power Bi even if you lack the skills mentioned above. You only need to register for RIDM’s Power Bi Training. With RIDM, we will ensure that our students are placed in reputable software companies. We will set up interviews and prepare resumes, conduct aptitude tests, and conduct mock interviews. As part of our course curriculum, you will experience live projects and practical sessions. 

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– By Sreeja Mohan & Marbin Shamini, RIDM Content Team.

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