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7 reasons why you should learn google analytics

Today, almost every business has an online presence via a website. Therefore, if you’re running a website, learning the inner structure of it is crucial to determining whether it is fulfilling its purpose or not. This can be accomplished by knowing what people are doing when they visit your website, how long they stay, and what pages they visit. 

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics tools. Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that allows you to analyse detailed information about visitors to your website. You can use it to develop a successful strategy for your business based on the insights you get from it. 

To deliver better results, whether you are an eCommerce site or an informative blog, you must understand your visitors’ behaviour. The following reasons can help you understand your website and visitors better if you use Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Tool provides you with all the traffic to your website, which proves extremely valuable. You can improve your content to reach the relevant audience by analysing your website audience. 

Furthermore, the Google Analytics Tool ensures that your brand’s conversion rate remains satisfactory at all times.

7 reasons why you should learn google analytics?

Easy to use.

Although it receives regular updates, its basic structure has remained unchanged for more than a decade. Google Analytics requires a specialist for the initial setup, but new users can easily understand the fundamentals, such as goals, funnels, conversions, visits, and sources.

Knowing who your customers are

It’s essential to understand where your customers are coming from. Using Google Analytics, you can learn more about your visitors, their behaviour, and their preferences.

Customisable reports.

It is easy to choose one of the many reports that Google generates or even create your own with a drag-and-drop interface.

Visitor insights

With Google Analytics, you have access to any information about your visitors. For example, you can use this data to determine which advertising campaigns are performing well and which ones are wasting your money.

Live visitor tracking. 

Real-time tracking allows you to see who is visiting your website. As a result, you will always know how many active users are on your site, what pages they’re looking at, and what they’re doing.

Automated data collection

When you create an account and copy a simple code on your site, Google Analytics will begin collecting data automatically. Your reports will be available immediately. It doesn’t require any action on your part to get the data: Google Analytics handles everything.

Integration with other tools.

With Google Analytics, you can track data across all your devices, and you can easily integrate the data with Google AdWords (Google’s leading advertising network) and Google Search Console.

Scope of Google Analytics

Increasingly, the internet is becoming everything, making Google analytics a necessity, providing insight into the website. It used to be that people had to stand in long lines to transfer money, make deposits, and withdraw money. Today, online banking transactions can be made with just a click. Besides this, you can also order online and get it delivered at your doorstep, apply for various forms, pay bills, etc., all from your place. 

There is more transparency in the system with the Internet, making customers more brilliant and more difficult to fool. However, the website is needed to get updated and grab the market. Therefore, it is equally important to analyse the website to understand how people scroll, what pages they spend the most time on, and other information necessary to inform strategies.

Therefore, Google Analytics will remain relevant as long as there is an internet. As a result, the performance graph cannot be seen, which wastes the online presence. An indicator of performance graph indicates whether a marketing technique is right or wrong.

Career opportunities in Google Analytics

After reading this blog, you have already been convinced about the impact and potential that Google Analytics has for its professionals. There are endless possibilities and opportunities in this vast ocean. This industry has given rise to many roles in the industry. The most common ones are:

  • Google Analytics Manager
  • Google Analytics Analyst
  • Google Analytics Reporter
  • Google Analytics Implementer


The scope of Google Analytics is well known by now, and there isn’t much left to say about it. However, the industry is increasing. Currently, companies are searching for professionals with this skill. Enrol in the leading RIDM’s Google Analytics course if you are eager to be a part of this buzzing career. 

You’ll get practical training sessions as well as opportunities to work on live projects. By the end of this course, you will be able to measure & analyse data on your website from Google Analytics to see what works. Using that information, you can optimise your website to drive more traffic and sales to your business. 

We will assist our students in getting placements in reputed Digital Marketing and Analytics companies. In addition to arranging interviews, we help our students with resume preparation, aptitude tests, and mock interviews. So get ready, tap into Google analytics today.

– By Sreeja Mohan & Marbin Shamini, RIDM Content Team.

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