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Future of Human Resource Management: Preparing HR for 2025

HR has mainly been practiced by HR managers, such as recruiting and selection, performance management, compensation and benefits, and learning and development. Also, organizations are looking for HR professionals who can also drive the interest of the business. Individuals in this category work closely with a company’s senior leadership to create a compelling HR agenda. 

A recent study shows that 60% of employees believe their current skills will be useless in three to five years. 

Changing HR processes will also impact the future of work. So let’s take a look at the impact of the future on us by 2025. 

What is the state of HR today?

Outsourcing is growing

With the advent of new software and employee independence, in-house HR departments are disappearing. The self-service portal has become all the rage, with employees doing much more of their work independently. In addition, many can now automate processes through data systems. Therefore, a great deal of work is now being outsourced to specialists. 

Changing HR competencies

According to HR 2022 predictions, HR professionals will be involved in business operations and strategy. As a result, strategic planning has become a core competency of human resources at most global enterprises. 

Manage remote employees with technology

After COVID-19 shook the world, companies had realized they needed to adapt to remote working. Nowadays, motivating remote workers and managing local cultures are the biggest HR challenges. Increasingly, technology is being used to measure productivity and working time. As a result, as opposed to earlier times, HR is expected to produce more results-based performance analyses. 

Industry adaptations

As a result of Covid-19, HR has to rethink all the ‘best practices’ they knew so far. In today’s business environment, most forecasted trends have no longer come to light. To fully evaluate the future, HR heads need to learn all they can learn about the industry, competitors, and business operations. 

In 2025, what will HR look like?

Assessing multigenerational workforces

People from all generations make up a diverse workforce. Many companies have employees from four generations. Human resources can consider the different mindsets of employees in such a situation. 

The gig economy and adapting

The gig economy will significantly influence work schedules and benefits. Employees prefer flexible arrangements because they enjoy greater autonomy. As a result, more independent contractors and freelancers will be common. This shift from long-term employment requires HR professionals to adjust their practices to maintain agility and efficiency. 

Emphasizing data-driven HR

It has always been a challenge for human resources to manage data; thus, HR analytics can analyze that data. Business leaders can invest in these analytics to ensure deep insights and make more intelligent predictions. 

Using HR chatbots

Deloitte reports that 22% of HR companies use or plan to use chatbots in their processes. It is possible to automate many manual tasks with chatbots, such as answering FAQs about company policies. Furthermore, their fun virtual gestures and interfaces can also contribute to employee satisfaction. 

Retraining for continuous performance

Indeed, new ways of managing performance levels will have to be developed. More and more companies are adopting continuous performance management. The reason for this is that employees need constant and consistent feedback.

In the future, what HR jobs are likely to be available?

Changing industry trends, including Work From Home (WFH) and Work From Anywhere (WFA), will call for a remote workforce and follow-up digitization.

Future HR professionals will need to gain technical skills in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. To climb the career ladder, HR professionals can reskill. There are many HR roles, such as:

  • Director of HR Business
  • Chatbot Facilitator
  • WFH’s development head
  • Skill Design Head
  • Director of Human-Machine Integration
  • Officer of employee bias
  • VR Trainer

What HR skills can you improve in 2025?

HR Certification can also lead to higher pay and more promotions, say experts. According to a 2018 PayScale survey, certifications increased the chances of being promoted by more than 21 percent and nearly 25 percent, respectively, for HR assistants and HR directors. Thus taking up an HR Certification from a leading institution like RIDM ensures greater success in your career. In addition, we assure you of 100% placement guidance.  


The pressure is on HR professionals to make decisions that directly impact the success of their organizations. In addition, organizations face significant changes due to technological advances, globalization, and shifting demographics. So. the HR professional should adapt to the changing world by attaining HR Certification to prepare for 2025.

– By Sreeja Mohan & Marbin Shamini, RIDM Content Team.

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