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Advanced Excel


MS Excel, billions of people know and used it as High-school, or basic computer education courses. However, when it comes to handle a big data of an organization, is this knowledge is enough to summaries lengthy spared sheet in couple minutes, will it help you to study the complex billion crore worth of data in few hours!. Then what is next?

Many organizations, in spite of having highly equipped software’s, use excel for further processing of their data. Yes, advanced Excel helps you to perform complex and large calculations, data analysis, better presentation of data, an audit of clumsy data, etc. 

What are Advanced Excel Formulas?

Formulas make excel smarter and more useful. Without this excel is just a data storing device as word, notepad or any other. While anyone can make use of sum, multiplication, and subtraction in excel. The talent of seamlessly using Advanced excel can make user to navigate the data available for advanced level of decision making. Below are resources to learn advanced Excel.





· Handling Formula Errors

· Dynamic Array Formulas

· Circular References

· Formula Auditing 

Also includes,

· Security of File, worksheet, or workbook.

· MS Excel Themes

· Templates

· Graphics

· Printing Options

· Data Tables

· Charts

· Pivot Tables

· Pivot Charts

· Data Validation

· Filtering Data

· Data Sorting

· Cross Referencing in Excel

· Language Translation

What are the uses of Advanced Excel on your Career?

Being a well-trained candidate in advanced Excel, you may enjoy the following benefits in your career.

a) Increase your employability 

For communication and documentation, many companies are highly dependent on Excel. The weight of an advanced Excel skill will surely make you one of the more attractive candidates when hiring. And the possibility of your getting hired with a good pay-scale is also higher.

b) Become more valuable to your employer.

A proficient of Microsoft Excel means that you have awesome analytical skills. With advanced Excel, you will be skillful and comfortable, in which many can not even understand the complex data. Therefore, It bring excellent control over your job, and you will be an outstanding candidate for your employer.

c) Save you considerable amount of time.

Whether you are a Businessmen, Freelancer, or Employee of an Organisation, advanced excel will help to solve the complicated function and the data in suitable data will save your precious time of decision making at the right time.

d) Better Salary Strands

A well-trained candidate in Advanced excel, will never allow you to get worried about the wages. Although, the small- and large-scale companies look forward to hiring skilled MIS professionals and provides a higher salary.

e) Increase your Analytical and Management Skills

it also increases your knowledge and administration skills. During the training period, you will get comfortable with the complicated functions, which include cells formatting, macro, making use of the graphical representations in spreadsheets, financial complex formulas, etc. A skilled professional in advanced Excel is high-quality at arranging and analyzing data, and thus in his advanced Excel training, He also gets excellent management skills, inserting more power into his recommence.

Dt: 3rd Oct 2020 

Blog written by S Sendil Kumar 

Wendy Chandler

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